Corporate Design

I provide Design, Print, Animation, Motion Design for product, application, B2B explainer videos, website re-brush, illustration. 

You’ll see here a few example of my work for real-estate companies, TV Channels, New Technology, Communication Agency.

I like to find simple ways to explain a complex topic,  or share an emotion. To define the shape colors of a brand, that deliver the right message. Nice to have at the end is an object in the hand, nicely printed, or a smooth web page.


Thanks for watching

Aleks Und Shantu GmbH – Agency Communication

“EBF Files” – B2B App Explainer

“ROI” – Website Illustrations – Print

“Hotel Mssngr” – B2B App Explainer

“NaVvis” – New Technology Communication

“Landesimmo40” – Corporate Design

“Service Wohnen am Schlosspark” – Corporate Design


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