Visual Development

It is a chance to decide and propose the first look and mood of a project. In addition, I like understand the grammar of visual styles, so it’ s a pleasure to find the right one for the right project.

Client changes and optimisation make you push some boundaries and challenge yourself, as it best, you end up transcending your original idea.

It is also a journey in specific shapes, colors, light, mood, in witch you put yourself and the people you work with. I try to keep on my personal work on concept art, as some of the projects I work on don’t always match the style I want to improve. A lot of projects you’ll see here are fun, spicy, cartoon orientated, I often have to work more serious, poetic, dark topic on my freetime.


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Somewhere A Forest

Free Personal Concepts


“Private” – Header Animation

“Sharnow” – TV-Show On Air Illustrations

“EBF Files” – B2B App Explainer

“Dit Isst Berlin!” – TV-Show Intro

“ROI” – Website Illustrations – Print

“Miss Moon” – Character/Props Design

“Tween’s Inc.” – TV-Show Pilot Illustration

“Schätzen, Bieten, Bangen!” – TV-Show Intro

“Hotel Mssngr” – B2B App Explainer

“Comete Club” – TV-Show Pilot

“Aziz’s Birthday” – Private Event Animations

“NaVvis” – New Technology Communication

“Landesimmo40” – Corporate Design

“Service Wohnen am Schlosspark” – Corporate Design


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